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Andrews Reveiws1

Andrews Reveiws1

Building Muscle and Losing Body Fat

Building Muscle and Losing Body Fat

Building Muscle and Losing Body Fat

Building Muscle and Losing Body Fat

I flew into Los Angeles, California this morning for business. It's been a while since hitting the beach here. I had a big thrill seeing where Arnold used to training at Gold’s Gym Venice. I met up for a workout with my buddy Greg, who has been the person who has helped me the most to develop the strategies in training, nutrition, and supplementation that help me build my physique. Here's some of the supplements I use:

Complete protein + carb + fat powders and bars as a meal replacement.

My "secret" to eating all of my scheduled meals every day—regardless of how busy I get. These convenient "meal replacements" are the perfect food for building muscle and takes the guesswork out of determining what I need to eat to grow. These replacements contains everything my body needs to maximize muscle growth. Each serving is only 400 calories, and provides 40 grams of protein.

I put the most emphasis on protein when constructing my supplementation program. Muscle is protein— Protein is muscle! I make it an immediate priority to ingest protein as soon as I wake up in the morning. After sleeping for four to six hours without eating anything, now is when my body really needs to be nourished with a healthy dose of high-quality protein. And as far as quality is concerned, there is no better protein than whey isolate on the market today. Gram for gram, it has more protein than any other protein made, and research has proven provides higher nitrogen uptake.

I also use micronized creatine monohydrate.

This advanced creatine formula is micronized and is designed to go into solution rapidly and remain suspended in solution longer. The texture is smooth and fine—not gritty at all. Micronized creatine monohydrate delivers you a fast-acting, better absorbing creatine to help you build muscle quicker without the stomach upset and without gritty creatine left at the bottom of the glass.

Multi vitamins.

I consider this product as my "insurance’! Multi's are designed specifically for the important nutritional demands of the hard-training athlete. For the human body to perform at its maximum potential,  it must be fed a vast and complex array of vital nutrients. This is my "insurance" that I get all the nutrients I need as a bodybuilder.


I use L-glutamine as I prepare for a period of time without eating. Even though I’m not eating, I want to keep my L-glutamine levels high. Recent studies have revealed that L-glutamine contributes to muscle growth (protein synthesis) and prevents muscle breakdown (anti-proteolytic). Supplementing with L- glutamine spares free L-glutamine in muscles, counteracts the fall in muscle protein synthesis, and improves nitrogen balance. I need to get some supplemented L-glutamine into my system because I will not be eating for the next four to six hours. Although I won’t be eating, my body needs to have optimal amounts of L-glutamine at all times to build muscle.

I got 4 ½ hours of sleep last night but it felt like it was 20 hours. I feel great! I even got up for an hour during the night to plan my day. A lot of people ask me how I can do so much with so little sleep—which is a great question. That is a question I often asked a few years ago when I noticed that many super-achievers rely on very little sleep. 

When you are pulled with such passionate goals and ambitious dreams, your mind will not want to sleep. You will want to spend as much time living out your dreams. Life becomes too precious to be slept away! As a guy looking to lose weight or build muscle, you might be asking, “Don't I need a lot of sleep to grow muscle or burn fat?” Believe me, your body can get by with a lot less than you think and still make significant progress.

If you find yourself needing a lot of sleep, you may want to examine your goals in life. Are you going for what you truly want? Or, are you simply settling for what is comfortable or what normally society thinks is acceptable? Are you really going full tilt for what you really want out of life? Or, are you playing “this game” reserved and conservatively? Remember, you only get one of these lives—so play all out! Don’t look back when you are old and gray wishing you had done so.

Now, I realize for a small portion of you that needing more sleep may be a physical thing, but for 99 percent of us, I am sure it’s a mental thing.